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Who am I, to talk about a woman’s beauty?

Who am I, to talk about a woman’s beauty?
Who am I, how dare I,
A Man
Speak on a woman’s beauty?

The strut found in a Jimmy Choo
Her frame, anchored on the perfect shoe.
Yeezy taught her, the plug was complete
Who am I, to like bare feet?

Of curls and bobs
Ponytails and waves
Synthetic bangs, natural extensions
A novice in the care of flair
Who am I to extol an afro’s virtues?

Have you seen Rihanna’s fenty?
A foundation for seamless blend
Have you tried Tyra beauty?
A gloss you cant make up
Who am I,
How dare I,
Vibe with spots and wrinkles?

A 3 piece ensemble,
Constructed from deliberate and meticulous execution
Simply Ashley lingerie
The summer’s essential collection
A Gucci dress, enwrapped
Designer clothes are in vogue
A purse to clutch
To channel the hottest trends
Who am I, to resonate with a plain white tee?

Who am I?
Dwarfed by Faith Nketsi’s followers
Exposed as a pauper by Kendal Jenner’s billions
Muted in the cacophony of BeyHive glee
Who am I?

A nobody, that’s what
Now, sit in the corner,
Reflect on your life
And double tap this pic in repentance.

Valentine Makoni

I am a sapiosexual, who finds joy in being a prolific and unapologetic composer of WCW posts. I have little stamina for books, so poetry is my reading of choice. I am a hip-hop head, I stan hard for Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Run the Jewels.

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