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The Process Episode 3: The Making of Tea

I am grateful to Kanyanisa Poetry Slam
for the opportunity to grow as a writer, as a speaker, as a performer.

Tea was written as part of a non-fiction writing class with Panashe Chingumadzi at Theatre in the Park. The inspiration was a freestyle talk at a corporate function, but the creative writing class honed its content, it’s style and its presentation. For that, I am grateful.


Please read Biography of a Dress by
Jamaica Kincaid
which I read as part of the writing class for the first time and I am in awe

Valentine Makoni

I am a sapiosexual, who finds joy in being a prolific and unapologetic composer of WCW posts. I have little stamina for books, so poetry is my reading of choice. I am a hip-hop head, I stan hard for Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Run the Jewels.

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